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Door Protectors
Heavy Duty Door&Frame Protection
Wire Protectors
Invite Color Into Your Life
ECO line protectors
Best For Planet Lovers


You love your pets, but not the damage they can cause to furniture, doors, and floors. Preserve every surface of your home with high-quality anti-scratch products.

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Vinyl Sofa Protector
  • $29.90

Cat Proof Couch Protector & Scratching Furniture Guard
  • $26.90

Pet Scratch Protector with Custom-Cut Knife
  • $22.90

Door Scratch Protector Set of 2 - 35.5"x24"
  • $54.90

Door Scratch Protector - 30"x20"
  • $29.90

Cat Training Tape - 4"
  • $14.99

Cat Training Tape - 3"
  • $13.99

Pet Wire Protector
  • $15.95

Sold out

Door Scratch Protector – Concrete
  • $44.95

Vinyl Sofa Protector

Do you fear arriving home to a sofa full of shredded cushions, pee stains or pet-accidents?

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Defend your decor with heavy-duty protection.



See what pet parents like you say about Protecto products:

"Excellent seller! Item arrived most expeditiously and in good order. Item was exactly as described. I am very happy and would transact business with this seller again, no question."


"Thank you for saving our front door from our 110 pound dog excellent product I would order again."


"Great product for anyone with pets. I have a cat that loves to scratch our bedroom door frame, but so far this has stopped her from destroying it further. Thank you."


"Finally found something to keep my dog from scratching up my wall when the mailman comes! It works great!!"


"Very easy to install. Have a terrier who LOVES scratching at the doors while you're unlocking it. Since I put the protectors up two days ago, he scratches once or twice and quits! Way better that the ones he can push out of the way!"


"Best product. I absolutely love it , works great on glass sliding door. Now no more worries that my door is going to get ruined."


"Deters cat from chewing my lamp and tv cords. Highly recommend!


"This product is perfect I’m not. How could anyone screw up the simple installation. It’s a gift I have. This is how I learned this company is serious about customer satisfaction. The company immediately resolved my problem (which I created). I highly recommend the pet shield and the customer relations team."


"My dogs weigh 15lbs & 17lbs. I am thrilled with this product. I am going to buy some more to protect other doors."