We conducted tests on various surfaces. They were never destroyed. However, we recommend sticking the Velcro to the invisible part of the surface to which you want to mount the protector, wait about 24h and peel off the Velcro to assess whether your surface will actually be damaged. The surfaces are made of a huge amount of different materials, covered with various paints and veneers, so we could not check them all. That's why we recommend this mini test at home to make sure your surface is 100% secure.

Yes, the amount of Velcro sent is enough to properly fix the product. If the Velcro were damaged, you can buy it additionally at the auction (link). You will then receive 100 sets of Velcro for use.

Make sure that the surface to which you want to attach the product is degreased, free of unevenness and clean.

We hung the protectors outside to test them in extreme weather conditions. They have been hanging for several months and are still sticking to the surface. It is important that you make sure that the surface is degreased and clean and that you follow the instructions in the package.

The cable has a thickness of 2mm. In addition, it is flexible soft, which means that even a firm grip of the jaw faces big problems with biting it. We have conducted numerous tests, which confirmed that the product protects very well. A selected group of people received our covers for testing on different races and, fortunately, we did not receive negative feedback.

The covers have a length of 304.5 cm /  119,88 in

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