In 2016, we founded Protecto to help our friends and family who were dealing with the frustration of pet damages in their homes. 

As pet parents ourselves, we were familiar with the effect on property from scratching, chewing, biting and peeing on delicate home surfaces.

We believe that if a problem has a solution, it’s our job to simply solve it. So, we started building pet-friendly products that would defend the beautiful furniture and architecture of our friends’ homes. Now, we want to bring them to yours.

We put our products through test after test to ensure the best protection. And, we’ve built our products with your beautiful décor in mind.

When you use Protecto products to protect your home, many of the concerns about living with pets just disappear. You can focus on the joys of pet parenthood and everything that comes with it. 

With Protecto, we want to give you peace of mind. No more spending money and time on repeated repairs and replacements. Say yes to our elegantly designed, eco-friendly solutions that are extremely durable.


Dominika & Luk

founders and owners of Protecto