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On our site you can learn how to do the impossible possible in a simple way. Yeah…you got it right, we will help you achieve the impossible – keeping a clean, tidy and damage-free home while being a responsible pet parent.

Keeping your home impeccably clean and organized can be hard on its own. Not to mention if you have a pet or two who are constantly messing with your house’s cleanliness and nice decor. Tons of scattered fur on the ripped furniture, dirty paw prints on the chewed carpet and unpleasant scent all around your home – these are all parts of the pet parenting experience.

It is a common misconception that pets will abandon or overgrow their chewing and scratching tendencies once they grow up. This statement cannot be further from the truth. In fact, puppies/kittens used to chewing and scratching, will keep on chewing and scratching when they are older. The only difference is that once older their chewing and scratching abilities are stronger consequently the damages will be greater.

It is advisable to consider and properly address the underlying cause of chewing and destroying furniture. Some pets chew or scratch because they are anxious, some pets chew or scratch because they are bored, some pets chew or scratch because they need exercise and some chew or scratch simply because they like chewing and scratching. In fact, in most cases chewing/scratching is a natural habit for pets and it has no underlying cause other than instincts.

Additionally, dogs and cats may be nesting or suffering from separation anxiety. Destructive chewing and scratching are quite common in certain breeds. Young teething puppies and kittens chew to relieve the pain caused by the growing teeth. All in all, persistent and repetitive chewing/scratching is almost always linked with pain, illness, hunger, anxiety or simply boredom.

Here, in Protecto, we believe in solving problems from their roots. That starts by understanding your pet’s needs and instincts. Once they are understood and all possible problems managed, it is time to pet-proof your home with our amazing products.

All Protecto products are made of pet and eco-friendly materials with only one goal – giving you peace of mind and allowing you to focus on the joys of being a pet parent. Our products are elegantly designed yet extremely durable and capable of successfully withstanding the test of time…and the test of your pet’s mischievous behavior.

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